The truth is out there

Conspiracy theorists will enjoy a new documentary I've just narrated called Area 51: I Was There.

Made famous by The X Files, Area 51 was established in the Nevada desert by the CIA in 1955 to develop classified military projects. The remoteness of the site and extreme levels of secrecy have led to claims over the years that the US government carries out experiments here on everything from UFOs to aliens themselves, but the reality is probably a little harder-edged.

The show features exclusive interviews with many former workers at the site and the interesting thing to me was observing the profiles of these now mostly quite elderly men: stolid, unquestioning and slightly enjoying the  secrecy they are still sworn to.

The show airs at these time on the National Geographic Channel (UK):
Sun 5 June, 9 pm
Mon 6 June, 10 pm
Tues 7 June, 5 pm